Facts about roses
When do roses bloom? The rose is originally from the Northern Hemisphere, the flowering time is in our summer and they develop in the spring. Autumn and winter is the time to gain new strength. In China they were used in gardens as early as the 13th century. However, it was only from the 19th century that people really started cultivating the rose. Standard roses, for example, are created by grafting a refined rose onto a wild rootstock. These roses are often strong and also suitable for gardens in our country. The rose has had great symbolic value as a flower for centuries. Of course there is the rosary that is prayed for in Roman Catholicism. But the color of the flower is also very important. White roses stand for virginity and red roses for love. By the way, did you know that yellow roses indicate jealousy or infidelity?

When to prune roses
The rose should be pruned twice a year. Pruning roses is not really difficult but the timings are very important. All types of roses should be pruned in the spring, in March or April once the frost has stopped. That is when the sap flows start again. But roses can also be pruned in summer and we call this summer pruning. This pruning is significantly less drastic and mainly intended to replace the faded roses so that new flower buds can be formed to enjoy these beautiful flowers even longer.

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