We do not learn to play golf or ride a bike by reading books or watching training videos. Can you imagine how ineffective you would be, setting out armed only with what you had learned by watching or listening? Yet that's the approach used by the majority of leadership, team-building, and personal development training programmes.

Instead, Epona combines all three aspects of adult learning; language, emotion and the body to provide high-impact, interactive training with long-lasting results. Our experiential learning method works on its own or as an adjunct to traditional classroom learning. Most people find ours is a lot more fun!

Equine Assisted Learning and Training has been used worldwide for more than twenty years, benefiting individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate presidents alike. Participants take away the following long-lasting benefits:

"Apprehensive a little, sceptical definitely; little did I know how much a four legged chestnut could improve my all-round management skills. This was the best practical management training experience I have encountered.

My quadruped colleague for the day took me through a myriad of scenarios and alternatives. It was a quantum leap from the turgid classroom scenarios that blight a typical training day."

Andrew Hunter, NHS Manager

"I approached this innovation of working with animals to the better good of developing my skills with some trepidation. However, after a two-hour session working with a rather large horse I am completely won-over and intend to make use of the same training to develop the teams I work with. I recommend it for those who need to focus on areas such as team work, confidence building and leadership development."

Neil Archibald, Talent & HR Manager

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