How It Works

Horses are social animals with distinct personalities. They communicate with each other through body language and they react to human body language and tone as well. A horse can only treat us at face value, evaluating us on our real-time behaviour and authentic self. Approaching situations without words, pretense, or authority gets quickly to the core and identifies strengths, weaknesses, and solutions.

During our workshops and coaching sessions, you will take part in activities with the horses, and with others if you are visiting as part of a group. Our facilitators will log and guide your efforts during each activity, observing the actions and attitudes of you and the horses. We help you identify the tangible learning that transfers into real life interactions at home or in the workplace.

The results are faster and longer-lasting because they follow an experiential learning method. Technically, experiential learning refers to the process of learning from direct experience, trial and error and the practicing techniques related to real tasks. For example, you learn to drive using the academic Theory Test, and then you have to actually drive; your driver's training and the Practical Test are experiential. Non-technically speaking, it means it is a great deal more fun!

No previous experience with horses is necessary, and all of the activities are on the ground; riding is not part of the programme.

"No person on earth can teach you this stuff... you need to experience your own blinding flash of the obvious!"

Michelle Austin, Small Business Owner

"Have you ever wondered why your team just can't seem to do what you want them to? Try getting horses to do what you want and you might begin to see why!"

David Drummond, Golf Club Manager

"Laura's innate ability to bring out the best in people, coupled with the horses' insightful, honest and instant feedback made our session invaluable and truly enlightening."

Sarah Sher, HR Consultant

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