About Us

Epona was founded by Laura Turner to provide teams and individuals with highly effective, interactive and results-driven learning opportunities. After years of conducting traditional training, mainly to corporate managers and employees, Laura recognised the benefits of Equine Assisted Learning as a powerful, cut-to-the chase approach with longer lasting results.

Laura is the lead facilitator, participating in most of Epona's workshops and individual coaching sessions. Laura's experience spans more than twenty years in Human Resources, with her last post as HR and Training Director for Bank of Scotland.

Laura has led workshops and training on team building, creativity and innovation, management development and sales and customer service for many leading blue-chip organisations, entrepreneurs, and individuals.

At Epona, we are passionate about your success. Every experience is enjoyable, enlightening and results in personal and professional growth. We look forward to welcoming you!

Member of the EAHAE, European Association for Horse Assisted Education
Member of the CIPD, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
Member of the AIB(Scot), Association of the Institute of Bankers in Scotland
Lead facilitator for the Pacific Institute's Investment in Excellence programme
Certified Coach and Member of the ICF, International Coaching Federation

"Laura's creativity, clarity and insightfulness coupled with a 'no-nonsense' approach make working with her a prelude to real and lasting change in terms of future focus and performance."

Sarah Frossell, Human Technics

"Laura has a fantastic ability to notice what is really going on and help focus and crystallise ideas and feelings by asking the right questions... she is an inspiration and has been a great help in ways which are still becoming apparent months after our sessions."

Eszter Molnar-Mills, Training Manager, London University (CK)

Meet the Team


Benson is a 16 year old chestnut Welsh Cob Cross who would love to be the leader of the herd. Unfortunately, he just isn't brave enough! He loves people, and his extremely kind and gentle nature makes him a great teaching horse. Benson is a calm, wise one and just doesn't see the point in using up energy that could be saved for another time. We are still waiting to find out when that "other time" is going to arrive. You never forget the experience of working with Benson – some previous clients have even sent him Christmas cards!


Pender is the largest and lead mare in the herd. A beautiful brown and white, she has been with Epona for many years. She dislikes tasks she finds boring or repetitive and gets quite cross when people do not "say" what they mean! She is happy to work with people, but only when they are clear about what task needs done. Pender has strong opinions about most everything! She loves Charlie with her whole being.


Charlie is dark brown and 23 years young. He is the herd leader despite being almost the smallest. Of course he does not know he is smaller than the others and is quite clear about who gets things first! He often 'chooses' the clients he wants to work with and is great at building relationships. He loves Pender (but not as much as she loves him)! Before coming to us a year ago, Charlie taught hundreds of children to ride and jump and he still enjoys the opportunity to jump a fence here and there.

Jinny Spinner

Jinny Spinner, or Jin-Jin, is the baby of the herd. She's a little black Shetland and is only six years old. She had her first foal in April 2007 and often acts as the "mother" of the Epona herd. She never settles until everyone is safely in their stables every night and won't go out to the field in the morning until everyone else is out. She is full of mischief and fun and refuses to let her physical size interfere with her desire to be treated the same as everyone else.


Holly is our delightful 'old lady' of the herd. She is 24 years old and stands at 17.2hands... or about 7 and a half feet in human measurements! She has kindly been loaned to us by the World Horse Welfare organisation, a charity that rescues horses. Holly is a Clydesdale/Shire mare (sometimes known as heavy horses) a breed much loved by people all over the world for their strength and gentle nature. She is our very own David Bowie... in other words, she has one brown eye and one blue eye!

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